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Want Inner Peace? – Here’s How: Step 7 – Gaining Inner Peace

Once we have reached Step Seven in the forgiveness process, we have come to a very special place. There are certain things we have come to realize about our minds and the way we think. We may have realized that in a sense we have operated from two minds – our ego self and our […]

Ouch! The Pain Really Hurts – Step Six: Absorbing Pain

As we continue our journey in learning how to forgive we finally come to a place where we deal with our pain. Pain can feel devastating. We may try to deny it or cover it up, sometimes using alcohol and drugs, but eventually, if we want to forgive we will have to learn how to […]

What Does Forgiveness Mean to you?

  Alexander Pope said it best: “To err is human, to forgive divine.” If you’ve ever been deeply hurt by someone or suffered through a painful ordeal, you know how hard it is to forgive and forget. Being able to forgive ourselves and one another is an essential element in developing healthy relationships in our […]

Will the Real Person Please Stand Up! Step 5 – Reframing the Situation

As you continue your forgiveness journey and have begun to work through your emotional pain we come to the step which entails changing our thinking about the situation. We have begun to heal our anger and guilt, which helps us to see things differently. Once we have learned the lessons our emotions want to teach […]

Got Anger? Step Three: Now is the time to let it Go!

Got anger? To be human is to have anger. It is an important emotion. Anger tells us that our circumstances need to change. IF we can’t let go of our anger it is also telling us that we need to change. This is the time when we get into the trenches of our emotions and have […]

Learning How to Forgive: Step 2 – Telling Your Story

  Once you recognize the healing effect that forgiveness can have in your life and that revenge will not take your pain away, you are ready to take the next step in the forgiveness process. Step two is about telling your story to those you trust. You begin with what is inside of you right […]

Eileen Borris ATHENA Leadership Award Honoree

ATHENA Leadership Award Honoree, Dr. Eileen Borris, Internationally renowned for her groundbreaking work to empower women to fully participate as peace builders in society. Speaks with ATHENA Valley of the Sun on Forgiveness, leadership, and how she is working towards reconciling world conflicts and global issues impacting women. She will be honored with the ATHENA […]