Global Peace Initiatives



Dr. Eileen BorrisDr. Borris has worked tirelessly in the area of political and peace psychology throughout her career. One of her motivations for writing “Finding Forgiveness: A 7 Step Program for Letting go of Anger and Bitterness” is that she remembers thinking as a child the words “never again” as she heard stories about the holocaust. Unfortunately humanity is still facing many atrocities including genocide which is why Dr. Borris is committed to the field of international conflict resolution including forgiveness and reconciliation on a political level.

Beginning in the 1980’s,  Dr. Borris has been on the front lines of forgiveness from the personal to the political. As a political psychologist she helps to rebuild war torn countries by ending the cycles of abuse and revenge which in some cases began centuries ago. Her work focuses on conflict resolution, trauma recovery and ultimately forgiveness and reconciliation in these conflict areas. She helps people living in emerging democracies to think about the issues needed to be grappled with in order to set up reconciliation processes such as truth and reconciliation commissions within their countries. She also designs regional and national dialogue processes which help emerging democracies heal from the wounds of the past and find the best plausible and peaceful future.

Not only does Dr. Borris go to worn-torn countries, she leads the charge by training other high profile people such as diplomats, peacekeepers and humanitarian organizations. She serves as the Director of Training and Program Development for the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD) where she designs and implements programs in international peace-building and conflict resolution, multi-track diplomacy, trauma recovery, forgiveness and reconciliation. She continues this work as a consultant and with Global Peace Initiatives.

In 1992 Dr. Borris founded Global Peace Initiatives whose mission is to promote the building of cultures of peace based on programs that facilitate the process of conflict transformation in situations of deep-rooted social conflict especially through the processes of forgiveness and reconciliation. The purpose of Global Peace Initiatives is to promote peacemaking and conflict resolution programs between diverse groups on the local, national, and international level. This is done by facilitating dialogues and developing conflict resolution training programs that aids in the healing of historical hatred, enmity, racism, prejudice and discrimination. It promotes nonviolence, forgiveness and reconciliation. She has worked in countries such as Liberia, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Indonesia, the Republic of Georgia, Israel and the Occupied Territories focusing on forgiveness and reconciliation.

As a consultant Dr. Borris has worked in Indonesia for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) developing conflict resolution and reconciliation programs. She has consulted with the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) developing specialized training programs for women in peace-building in Tbilisi, Georgia. Most recently, Dr. Borris has been asked to develop a proposal for the Development of Comprehensive Conflict Resolution/Trauma Healing Programs and Training Centers throughout Liberia with an emphasis on National Reconciliation and Multi-Track Diplomacy through the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).