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United Nations

Licensed Psychologist, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Leader in Global Conflict Resolution Addresses the United Nations General Assembly

Recognizing that the world today is plagued by a number of seemingly intractable, identity – based conflicts that have locked people in vicious cycles of violence, mass murder and genocide, Dr. Borris is spearheading an initiative to write a resolution on forgiveness and the healing of nations to be considered by the General Assembly. To this end Dr. Borris speaks often at the United on the nuances of conflict and forgiveness. She understands the deep down psychological issues surrounding conflict and the healing of conflict. Dr. Borris has spoken at a number of conferences at the United Nations including at the open-ended meeting of the Troika of the Tripartite forum on Interfaith Cooperation for Peace organized by the Permanent Mission of the Philippines. At these venues she has covered topics in international peacemaking and peacebuilding; forgiveness and reconciliation as an integral part of post conflict reconstruction, and the importance of healing wounds of the past as part of the work of conflict resolution.