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Topics Dr. Eileen Borris Can Deliver Live For Your Audiences:

- Takes Two to Tango - the Steps World Leaders Follow to Resolve Conflict

- Media Training for Journalist Reporting in Conflict Sensitivity Areas

- The Role of Women in Multi-Track Diplomacy

- A Corporate Culture of Leadership & Trust

Partial List of Clientele

- Keynote Address: United Nations General Assembly on “Forgiveness and the Healing of Nations”
- Keynote: "Forgiveness and the Power of Peace." UN Membership, UN agencies, Religious NGO’s
- Keynote: "Forgiveness: A Pathway to Human Transformation" UN Church Center
- Keynote: "The Divine Feminine, Rapprochement and the Culture of Peace," and "The Evolution of Peace through Forgiveness and Reconciliation"

Facilitated at the International Women Leaders Global Security Summit. New York City, NY.

Keynote: Marianne Williamson’s Sister Giant Conference 3: Activating Conscience and Restoring Our Democracy “Can Political Forgiveness Be the Answer?" Los Angeles, CA.

Panelist at the Aspen Institute on "The Role of Women in Multi-Track Diplomacy," Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, Moderator, Washington, DC.

Guest Speaker on "Multi-Track Diplomacy and Media Training for Journalist Reporting in Conflict Sensitivity Areas" for Afghan Journalists involved in the Afghan Radio Program.

Presented in Islamabad, Pakistan for Parliamentarians sponsored by the Kashmir Institute of International Relations on "Multi-Track Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution in Kashmir" focusing on diplomatic training concerning the Kashmiri conflict.

Facilitated a training program "Engaging Governments in Genocide Prevention" involving 14 foreign governments with the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Arlington, VA.

Training Program: "Women and Peacebuilding and Multi-Track Diplomacy" sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia and the Foreign Service Institute.

Presenter: “Forgiveness and Reconciliation after Traumatic Conflict”
Chair: “In Search of Meaning, Identity, and Community: The Ambivalent Role of Religion in Recovering from Trauma and Recreating Relationships at the conference Memory, Narrative and Forgiveness, Reflecting on Ten Years of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Cape Town, South Africa

Panelist and Workshop Leader: "Healing the Wounds of History: Addressing the Roots of Violence" Kigali, Rwanda

Workshops: “NGO FORUM FOR WOMEN” in Beijing, China
“Understanding Conflict Resolution within Different Cultural Backgrounds” - “Awareness Workshop on the Violation of Human Rights as it Affects Women” - “Role of Forgiveness and Reconciliation as it Applies to International Conflict Resolution”