Finding Forgiveness

A 7 Step Program For Letting Go of Anger and Bitterness

Finding Forgiveness: A 7-Step Program for Letting Go of Anger and Bitterness

Finding Forgiveness: A 7 Step Program For Letting Go of Anger and Bitterness

With a foreword by his holiness the Dalai Lama

Have you ever felt betrayed, hurt, or wronged? Are you struggling to get over a nasty divorce, the death of a loved one, a shattered friendship, or broken family ties? This book will help you deal with conflicted emotions and find it in your heart to forgive. Written by Dr. Eileen Borris, an internationally known speaker on conflict resolution and trauma recovery, Finding Forgiveness offers a remarkably sensitive yet powerful approach to healing your heart, lifting your spirit, and finding the power to love, grow, and forgive.

Winner for “Best Books for 2007” award in the self-help category

“This book provides a very practical stepped process to transform destructive emotions, extreme suffering, and trauma into a powerful sense of justice and love.”
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In this book

7 Steps Towards Forgiveness

  • Clear your mind of negative thoughts that get in the way of your

  • Uncover your feelings of bitterness, betrayal, victimization, and blame.

  • Let go of your anger and move on with your life.

  • Work through your guilt and learn to forgive yourself as well as others.

  • Reframe the situation that hurt you and restore your faith in others.

  • Absorb the pain of the past without the need for apologies or revenge.

  • Gain inner peace through newfound compassion, understanding, and

About Eileen

Author, Thought Leader, Healer of Nations

Dr. Borris has been invited to create and instruct peace-building programs in more than fifteen of the most unstable and war-torn countries. She has taught at the most prestigious universities in the world, including Thunderbird School of Global Management, where she works today, delivered multiple addresses to the United Nations, and has written two highly acclaimed books on the topic of forgiveness.