Political Forgiveness

What is Political Forgiveness

Political Forgiveness is an interactive process that involves the healing of individuals, the reconstruction of communal relationships, and the pursuit of a just political order. By providing a way for offenders and victims to work towards mutual understanding and actions that foster healing among individuals and groups, the renewal of social trust and political harmony is restored.

For countries and their citizens to recover from decades of pain and suffering, political forgiveness helps people transform their thinking so that every citizen of that nation affected by the conflict can move forward and lead more productive, peaceful, and happy lives.

Who benefits from Political Forgiveness?

Individuals, communities and nations who are:

  • Dealing with a fragile peace process and want to support it in a more substantial way

  • Involved in post-conflict reconstruction and want to build a strong, stable society

  • In need of a healing process to rebuild their societies and want to respond to conflict in a different and more transformative way

  • Dealing with the aftermath of conflict and war who want to stop the cycles of violence

Learn how Dr. Borris has worked with communities and nations throughout the world to resolve conflict and help bring peace and healing to those affected by genocide, war, crime and other conflict

“Despite the advances in science and technology that have so improved our standard of living, violent conflicts continue to erupt throughout the world, resulting in large scale humanitarian crises and the tragic loss of countless innocent lives.”

—The Dalai Lama

Political Forgiveness is a Journey

Learn what the power of political forgiveness can do when leaders are willing to think differently.

Think beyond their own self-interest

If we choose, we can learn the lessons of forgiveness and bring hope to this world. In choosing, we open our hearts and minds, and accept the truth of who we are. This is our radical transformation, where we see the world with different eyes and join with one another, helping heal one another, choosing unity instead of self-destruction. If we can do this, then there truly will be peace on earth. Let this be our legacy for our children and grandchildren and for all future generations.

Global Peace Initiatives

Dr. Borris is committed to international conflict resolution including forgiveness and reconciliation on a political level.


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