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Make your next event incredible. Dr. Eileen Borris is a dynamic speaker & leadership coach. Dr. Borris delivers powerful content in a way you've got to see to believe including her latest presentation - Takes Two To Tango - which features the Argentine Tango as a metaphor to leadership training and the healing of nations. Live tango dancers, compelling video and music of the tango make these keynotes memorable.

Media Expert

Dr. Eileen Borris offers a wide range of knowledge on global politics, multi-track diplomacy and the healing of nations. Dr. Borris focuses on the impact of global terrorism, ethnic conflict, migration and integration of refugees, war and conflict, non-military approaches to conflict management, women’s rights, forgiveness, plus international law and politics. She is author of the best seller “Finding Forgiveness” and has addressed the United Nations General Assembly as a keynote speaker.

Healer of Nations

Since the 1980’s, Dr. Borris has worked internationally to help rebuild more than fifteen of the world's most volatile and war-torn countries, including Liberia, Afghanistan, Georgia, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Israel, and the Occupied Territories. She specializes in international conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation dialogue, multi-track diplomacy, and peace building. Her many workshops and organizations have grown to encompass numerous activist and educational groups, religious and political leaders, and government officials–all engaged in spreading awareness and enlightening, through the creation of peace building initiatives.

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The Borris Dynamics

The Political Forgiveness Chronicles: You Too Can Make a Difference

  True forgiveness is a complex and prolonged evol

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The Political Forgiveness Chronicles: Peace, Justice and Forgiveness

  If I were to ask you what do we mean by peace, most

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“I have understood that I can’t stay with this pain: I want to learn to Forgive.”

At the end of the Peace Table, participants received a

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The Political Forgiveness Chronicles

To all my readers I am beginning to write the political

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The Arizona Educational Crisis and the Promise of Dialogue

With schools back in session after the #RedforEd walk-o

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Is the United Nations Getting Ready for the Transformational Power of Forgiveness?

During April 24-25, 2018 the United Nations convened a

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What an Ordinary Woman Taught Me About Forgiveness – And Political Forgiveness

In an address I was giving the other day as I was recei

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If you Think it is Love that Makes the World go Around – Think again – It’s Guilt!

In Step 4 of the forgiveness process the focus is on he

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Join the Forgiveness Campaign

Tags : 

Relationships can be difficult and sometimes painful. W

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Dr. Eileen Borris Is Keynote On Global Refugee Crisis Panel

Scottsdale Based Author Tapped to Lead Discussion on Gl

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The Dalai Lama’s Thoughts On Forgiveness

As I began developing my book “Finding Forgivenes

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Daniel Goleman, Peter Senge & Forgiveness

As I was working on my upcoming book “The Power O

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Neuroscience – Gun Control – Forgiveness

While doing research on neuroscience and forgiveness I

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Embracing Paris With Love

When confronted with violence and brutality many of us

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Love is the Answer: A design for Living in Chaos – A Radical Path for Peace.

I always welcome opportunities to speak about forgivene

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Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocast

I am writing this post in response to the Commemoration

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The Psychology of a Terrorist

What makes terrorists tick – a real understanding

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It Can’t Happen Here – A Commentary on Donald Trump

In 1935 Sinclair Lewis wrote the novel, It Can’t Happ

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Dr. Borris is a published author writing many articles including the bestselling book Finding Forgiveness: A 7 Step Program for Letting go of Anger and Bitterness, published by McGraw-Hill. She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and has regularly lectured on topics concerning healing relationships, forgiveness, cross-cultural communication and leadership.