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The Inclusive Leader Podcast #28: Healing Through Political Forgiveness

Utilizing and Facilitating Forgiveness for Individuals, Communities, and Nations (with Eileen Boriss)

Part of the expansive idea of inclusive leadership that we are promoting at the Inclusive Leadership Institute is the ability to bring healing to fractured social systems, that includes communities, societies, and also organizations that require healing from a variety of social afflictions, racism, social marginalization and polarization, civil wars, and intergroup conflicts, but also corporate takeovers, and acquisitions, or badly implemented change initiatives. And this makes the experience and expertise of Eileen Boris, particularly relevant to our pursuit of inclusive leadership. She specializes in international conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation and dialogue. She has helped rebuild more than 15 of the world’s most volatile and war torn countries, including Afghanistan, Liberia, Nigeria, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Israel, the occupied territories, and the Republic of Georgia.