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The Darker the Times the Greater the Opportunity for Transformation – Milarepa

For many of us dealing with uncertainty the times we are living through can be very difficult. We don’t like feeling powerless and it is tempting to remain passive. Going within ourselves is one way to empower ourselves. If we don’t feel empowered, we can’t stand together. If we can’t stand together, we can’t take […]

“Love and Compassion are necessities, Not Luxuries. Without them Humanity Cannot Survive.”

“Love and Compassion are necessities, Not Luxuries. Without them Humanity Cannot Survive.” HH The Dalai Lama I was talking to a dear friend of mine, Father Leonel Narváez who has been very involved with the issues of political forgiveness especially in Colombia, his home. I asked him what was his inspiration for his tireless work […]

What does Forgiveness mean to you?

ATHENA Leadership Award Honoree, Dr. Eileen Borris, Internationally renowned for her groundbreaking work to empower women to fully participate as peace builders in society. Speaks with ATHENA Valley of the Sun on Forgiveness. Tune in to hear Dr. Borris present the steps to finding forgiveness. Dr. Eileen Borris will be honored with the ATHENA Leadership […]

You Too Can Make a Difference

True forgiveness is a complex and prolonged evolutionary process. When forgiveness is seen within a political process separate from but also interwoven with justice, apology, truth, and reconciliation it becomes more complex. Its enactment belongs entirely to the offended and is a courageous and powerful expression of unconditional acceptance and love that is an attempt […]

“I have understood that I can’t stay with this pain: I want to learn to Forgive.”

War devastates. War kills. War tears apart the fabric of society often shredding it to pieces. Rebuilding a society is a complex and painstaking process not to be taken lightly. Often it is the most vulnerable people in our society, the women, children and elderly who suffer most. And often it is the women who […]

The Political Forgiveness Chronicles

To all my readers I am beginning to write the political forgiveness chronicles to help those interested in political forgiveness understand the meaning of what political forgiveness is and how to use it in the healing of nations. Political forgiveness is different than interpersonal forgiveness in that it involves groups of people who have suffered […]